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Explore!  Dig deep!  

I have been an explorer of the fitness and wellness industry for about 20-years.  


As a child, I trained in dance and wanted to do it professionally but a medical test revealed an issue in my foot that would make rigorous dance training unsuitable.  The arty side of me evolved into music which became my terrain but nothing is ever wasted and that dance training would set me up for a life-long relationship with movement.   


I have continued to learn and teach various fitness and wellness classes and courses over the years for fitness centres, business centres, a university and privately. I’ve maintained the theme of uniting physical and mental health, creativity and generally digging deeper and asking questions of ourselves and the society we live in.  


It seems the whole image of wellness needs to be remodelled, perhaps even infused into early education. I know first hand it has served me well and helped me with life’s ups and downs such as injury, pregnancy, stress and the inevitable changes that come with life.  


After a work break to bring up my daughter and moving to Cornwall, I have been studying how to coach and train midlife women, an area where I feel much support is needed.  



Level 2 Mat Pilates OCR   

Level 3  Mat Pilates  ACTIVE IQ CIMSPA     (Level 2 became known as Level 3 a few years back, so I have decided to retake the qualification as Level 3 to make sure I am up-to-date with all the current information, which I’m in process.  I am still qualified and insured to teach Pilates.

Level 3 Designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes Active IQ 

CPD Burrell Education 3rd Age Woman -  Specialist in-depth education for the peri-post menopausal life phase.

CPD Burrell Education Meno Strength - Specialist education in strength programming for midlife female client

Group Exercise Sports Council

Exercise and Mental Health YMCAfit Fitness Industry Training

Biomechanics Instructor  Intelligent Training Systems

Studio Resistance Training Northern Fitness and Education

Stability Ball Training Kathryn Cullen/Education in Action

Functional Core & Abdominals Marvin Burton 

Physical Yoga Northern Fitness and Education

Yoga Teaching Diploma (Hatha) British School of Yoga 

Yoga Intermediate British School of Yoga

Sheffield School of Yoga Attended various CPD workshops led by 

physiotherapist Lesley Dyke

Meditation in FitnessChristianne Wolff

Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques   Alwyn Cartmell. 

Group X Success Tour Jayne Nicholls. 

Fitness Pilates The Next Level Rachel Holmes 

HIIT WorkshopRachel Holmes/ Kelly Reed 

Level 3 NLP Practitioner Centre of  Excellence 

Level 3 CBT Diploma Centre of  Excellence  

Diploma in Shinrin-Yoku with Centre of Excellence - (currently in study). 

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