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Ground Up - Foot & Ankle

Taking steps into exploring the body as an interconnected whole, what better place to start than at the feet? We need to pay them more attention and take off our foot tombs - sorry, I mean shoes - more often!

One great example of the relevance of foot and ankle mobility to women is a Nygaard study (2005) that found a significant association between decreased foot flexibility and urinary continence. Better functioning feet can be of great assistance to a better functioning pelvic floor.

Knowing how to utilise the feet to recruit muscles for essential movements such as the squat, can focus strengthening on the weak and underused muscles. Better mobility and flexibility of the foot and ankle will improve general movement, walking and gait up through the legs, knees and hips. This will then positively influence the rest of the body and help prevent injury.

Considering the neurology in our feet starts to decline in our late 30s/early 40s if not trained, it is an investment to learn how to use prickle balls and other specific exercises to keep our feet talking and walking.

How long is it since you walked barefoot outdoors? The sensations of cool grass, a pebbly beach or paddling through a rocky stream are a delight for the feet. Stories of grounding barefoot on the earth for well-being have been found throughout the world.

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