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Move in ways to nourish body and soul.

Updated: May 24, 2021

Take the word exercise and all those connotations linked with it and scatter them on the wind.

Movement is as intrinsic as life itself.

To be alive is to move.

Movement is a signal to our body to tell it to keep functioning to live. Movement is our best antidote to stress, shifting and flushing those feelings of tension and anxiety swimming through the cells. And once we are harnessing our stress, we positively influence our hormone production.

Movement helps to detox the cocktail of pollutants we navigate on a daily basis. It aids distribution of nutrients round the body. Upon reaching the 40s, aches and pains may rear their head that could be the first noticeable signs of muscle loss. This is preventable and reversible and key to slowing down the ageing process. Stimulating muscle will signal your body to produce hormones like testosterone and HGH. Muscle will protect your joints and help maintain metabolism.

Starting with good foundations is a wise place to start. That’s where Pilates and prehab work is really useful. Getting limbs and joints moving and mobile feels so good. Approaches have expanded - stretching and releasing can be done with fluid movements, balls and rollers. It’s an investment to shine a light on tightness and weakness in your own body and if it has fallen into faulty movement patterns, reminding it how to engage from deep muscle to protect the spine. Women also need a space to learn how to explore pelvic floor dysfunction, often a barrier to exercise. And for a start, getting the pelvis in better alignment will aid the pelvic floor to work as it should.

Midlife is a good time to reassess, and lift up the bonnet: get a bone scan.

With this prep, you’ll feel better to explore other activities and there is much value in some higher intensity work. Understanding how to work with limitations, safely overcoming them and improving your relationship with movement overall - is what matters.

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