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Outdoor Wellness for Women

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

To say the natural world is an essential part of our wellbeing somehow falls short. Evidence continues to mount that it’s far more than that – perhaps hardwired in our DNA, intrinsic to our existence. It is our habitat after all, where we have evolved over millennia.

The concept called biophilia from the Greek, meaning ‘love of life and the living world’ was made known by American biologist E.O.Wilson in 1984. He thought that as we evolved in nature, we have a biological need to connect with it.

The freedom of wild terrains, the delicate tones of leaves on a breeze or the hum of the sea, all so finely tuned to our senses that it is as though its song was written for us.

The truth is, women often don’t feel comfortable going for a lonesome walk in nature. Perhaps creating opportunities to gather and enjoy being outdoors without worry – is very much needed.

Pac-mac, waterproofs, a mat (not your best yoga mat) a waterproof cover for the ground - rain or shine.

Waking up those dormant parts of ourselves…

Lungs full of fresh air, faces bathing in sun or rain…

Learning how to sleep like a baby once again, allowing mother nature to hold us.

Outdoor Pilates Class, tailored to midlife women.

Starting Thursday May 13th, 10.15 am

at Mount Pleasant Eco Park (wedding venue section)

See classes for more details

#outdoor fitness #pilates

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