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The Overlooked Power of Oil Pulling

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Are you oil pulling yet? You should. This is one small preventative life-hack with massive rewards.

Midlife onwards, sometimes a decline in estrogen can aggravate gingivitis so the practice of oil pulling is a gentle and effective way to cleanse the gums and hard-to-reach areas. You’ll also reduce some of the bad bacteria in your mouth, including bacteria responsible for cavities. Plus it whitens your teeth - thankfully coconuts aren’t pink.

Oil pulling was part of the ancient heathcare tradition Ayurvedic medicine, where it was believed it helped with an array of ailments. UK researchers found that oil pulling using coconut oil significantly reduced plaque index scores while also reducing bacterial colony counts in saliva.

And it’s so simple! First thing on a morning, rinse your mouth with coconut oil (organic cold pressed is best so it contains lauric acid), and always spit somewhere other than the sink to prevent blocked drains. You'll get the best results rinsing for a few minutes or as long as you have time for - up to 20mins.

Links between our oral health with our overall health are continuing to come to the forefront in the holistic landscape of health. What have you got to lose?

Well it won’t be your teeth!

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